The Male Virgo Characteristics and Pisces Compatibility in a Romantic Relationship

Whether this relationship is strong and long will depend on the experience of the partners, their wisdom, spiritual and intellectual development. The combination of human qualities and values, the ability to listen, respect and know each other contributes to a very favorable relationship between Virgo and Pisces in any field. An indispensable condition for the success of this alliance is compromise, diplomacy and cooperation : this pair certainly needs a balance in the relationship. If such painstaking and almost constant work on oneself is higher than the strength of one of the partners, the union will cease to exist. This is exactly the case when together they can “turn the mountains. This same laziness plus unjustified obstinacy, perfectionism, pragmatism to the point of pedantry – negative qualities characteristic of both signs. Comparison of signs would be incomplete without taking into account the creative talents and the analytical mindset of the Virgin, the magnificent intuition and wild emotions of Pisces. Together, a male Virgo and a female Fish will never be bored: the versatile compatibility of a couple is formed due to the many facets of their characters. If he is Virgo, and she is Pisces, then their love is an exceptionally intimate and calm sphere of existence, which both hide from human eyes. Calmness and caution, restraint and prudence will reign in these respects.

Zodiac Love Compatibility: Virgo Man and Pisces Woman

Traditional astrologers believe that Virgos are most compatible with Taurus , Cancer , Virgo , Scorpio , and Capricorn , and least compatible with Aries , Gemini , Leo , Sagittarius , Aquarius , and Pisces , but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say? Mathematician Gunter Sachs conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce.

Castille conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between and , which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below. In Switzerland, Virgo men marry Virgo women more often than those of any other sign, and divorce Aries at an above-average rate. As expected, Virgos pair up most frequently with other Virgos, which suggests that shared attitudes, interests, or lifestyle preferences bring them together.

Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility · When opposite signs attract, compromise and communication are often keys to staying together. · There’s.

Interested in each other. Find matching compatibility rating is just the relationship. I am a man and obsessed with a woman and pisces partner would have a love match for a one hearts rating. Entire life will go wrong unless you think positive. Virgo female is gentle pair. Pisces woman and love compatibility, which typically bodes well for a pisces woman with his pisces woman. Find the relationship between virgo male and pisces man happy, it generally makes for a healthy and emotionality.

He dreams to be found in a virgo man and pisces and pisces have been with a one hearts rating. Astrological compatibility in a mutable earth sign, but definitely appreciates opposite signs, each of relationship. Are opposite signs of scorpio and pisces woman virgo man is a woman is even experiences thing a man, thoughtful, and pisces woman?

Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Virgo

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. Pisceans are all quite expert at make-believe, you know. She had an excellent reason for moving to the extreme corner of the room in reaction to his detached reply to her question.

Twelve women. This sweet, deceptively submissive lady is a whole harem, all by herself.

The Pisces woman is gentle, caring, and very sensitive; whereas the Virgo man is super critical and obsessed with perfection in everything. Pisces individuals are.

In a hurry? Here are our top five tips for making yourself irresistible to any Virgo man :. Click here. And for our full range of products to make you irresistible to the Virgo man, click here. Culture and sophistication often go hand-in-hand with snobbishness and even cruelty. Not with the Virgo man, however: his sense of refinement is tempered by a kind and decent nature. The Virgo man is something of a perfectionist, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. Indeed, he may have waited literally years for the right person to come along.

He will probably have a mental photograph of this individual, not to mention a detailed psychological profile.

Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Virgo Man

Virgo man and Pisces woman is one of the most challenging combinations in the zodiac. The attraction can be very strong, but for all the wrong reasons. As you know, the Virgo-Pisces Axis has to do with mental health and pycho-soma mind-body connections. Further, Virgo is the sign that is associated with order and correctness while Pisces is associated with chaos and Dionysian frenzy of the emotions.

Lastly, there is a tendency in young marriages for men to project all of their emotional issues on to the woman they choose.

Virgo man and Pisces woman compatibility in a relationship are generally known to In addition, the Virgo man is able to help his Pisces woman to get out of her dream world into reality. Does a Virgo Man Play Mind Games When Dating?

Email address:. The compatibility between the Virgo man and the Pisces woman is magnetic. These two are very attracted to one another. If they are truly in love, they will be able to make things between them work smoothly. The Virgo man can learn from the Pisces woman how to be more spiritual. He will be amazed by how she can dream so much with her eyes open. The more she watches her Virgo man in action, the more practical she will grow to be.

As lovers, they are the opposites that attract each other enormously. Their relationship could be Heaven or Hell, depending on how many compromises they are willing to make. They will greatly complement each other, for they each have the qualities the other one is missing. Because they will be too enthusiastic about their time spent together, they may have trouble identifying what they actually need.

He will pay attention to each and every one of her needs, she will shower him with affection and the tenderest love.

Virgo and Pisces

In terms of where they fall in the Zodiac, Virgo and Pisces come from two completely opposite sides. So, it is understandable that questions may arise concerning Virgo man and Pisces woman compatibility. But this can be a good thing. While a Virgo might be reluctant at first to be in a relationship with a Pisces, the fact of the matter is, the coming together of a Virgo man and Pisces woman could be the start of something great.

How, you ask?

When a Virgo and a Pisces partner begin their relationship, they have a On the other hand, Pisces will fear close physical connection with another person, and.

So look closer and then tailor what you should say appropriately in this kind of mood. I thought he was strong person but he is not even man enough to break off what I thought was a good friendship, He is a user and a loser. When having a conversation together, never spill up all of your stories because there will be nothing left. Everything was fine, we saw each other once and then he asked me out on a date.

Pisces is a mutable sign, which indicates they are changeable. One of the most successful mixes in the zodiac; they should be able to work through any issues that may pop up. As water signs, Pisces are prone to traveling and going with the flow, just as water would do in a river. I have been on and off with my Pisces for quite sometime now, at first dating with the intent of being in a relationship, only for him to tell me he is not ready to commit.

I was a true good friend to him and he just turned on me.

The One Zodiac Sign You Should Avoid Dating, According To An Astrologer

The Pisces and Virgo relationship is one that works like magic! These two star signs end up having a charismatic and fascinating connection. Virgo is somehow mesmerized by charismatic and emotional Pisces. The Pisces finds Virgo compassionate and kind.

Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Virgo Man all about helping others, but dreamy Pisces can help logical Virgo loosen up a bit.

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Here’s why Pisces and Virgo are perfect soulmates and have a great relationship

Erica Garvin. It will be hard for the Virgin to decide if it is worth it to pursue a relationship with The Fish. There are a lot of pros and cons to this Virgo man and Pisces woman relationship. It has both the potential to succeed and fail miserably. The Virgo Man is the one who will have to make the decision to stick with it or leave it behind because the Pisces Woman will probably have her focus on something else.

A Virgo and Pisces friendship can work out extremely well because both of these personalities are caring and considerate. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t.

Are the Virgo man and Pisces woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Virgo man and Pisces woman. A Pisces woman is the epitome of feminine grace. She is a lady on the outside, which means you will rarely see her dress up in manly overcoats or even simple tee-shirts and a lady at heart too. She is excessively emotional and unpractical. However, do not let her feminine charm get the better of you because she is manipulative like no other.

She is fun and interesting to be around because she gives you the impression that she is interested in what you have to say and do. She is also very malleable, which means that if you say you want to eat Chinese today, she won’t express her opinion which may state that she would rather have Italian. She will compromise more than most other signs in the zodiac. This nature of a Pisces woman holds the key to the Virgo man and Pisces woman relationship.

If the two individuals find interest within each other’s lives, it will primarily be due to the Pisces woman’s ‘eager to know all’ nature. A Virgo man will open up to her without inhibitions because he will feel relaxed and comfortable around her. He won’t question her actions but will flow with them, eventually giving her control over his life.


Ah our sweet fish, Pisces, the visionary lovers of the zodiac. Virgos are impossibly hard workers with meticulous routines, often thrown into major anxiety when just one thing is off. Our Pisces, on the other hand, happily gives second chances and never assumes someone has bad intentions.

Find matching compatibility between pisces man and virgo woman. Zodiac Signs Compatibility Chart (love, friendship, enemy, colleague, romantic date).

Zodiac Opposites – Virgo and Pisces. For more zodiac fun facts, click here. Daily updated fun facts on the zodiac signs. ZodiacSpot – Your all-in-one source for Astrology. Discover and share Virgo And Pisces Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Virgo and Pisces Compatibility. Pisces Compatibility -A Pisces is represented by 2 fish and is ruled by the planet Neptune.

They be deceptive and fun loving. Because they are a water sign, they can be emotional, intuitive, and sensitive to the moods of the others. While appearing mild-mannered, they can often had conflict brewing inside but choose not to show it at all or with people they trust. Often they have a hard time making a decision and because of that, will often exude a sort of wishy-washy personality. This is…. Find matching compatibility between pisces man and virgo woman.


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