Who are ‘Autosexuals’?

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What’s it like being autosexual, when you’re attracted to yourself?

Note: This page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. Self-satisfaction of sexual desire, as by masturbation. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? A much-loved electrician is thought to have died of autoerotic asphyxiation, an inquest heard.

Autosexuality can be considered an orientation with a sexual focus on oneself. homosexual, bisexual, monosexual, asexual and autosexual can all be used to.

As you already know, human beings get turned on by many things. Not weird at all. Finally, there are certain women who are turned on by themselves. According to Dr. Michael Aaron, a NYC therapist and author of Modern Sexuality: The Truth about Sex and Relationships , it’s extremely common for a woman to be sexually attracted to herself, and it’s called autosexuality, or autoeroticism. Wow, this could be an alternate definition of “self-sufficient woman.

Another psychologist, Dr. Leon F. If she’s picturing herself and thinking about how sexy she is when she’s getting off, she’s obviously an autosexual. But there’s no way of knowing what she’s thinking. Think you might be dating an autosexual? Don’t worry.

‘To some degree, we’re all a shade of autosexual’: What it means to be attracted to yourself

Between and , 40 accidental autoerotic fatalities have been investigated, in the Institute of Legal Medicine in Hamburg. All the victims were males, aged between 13 and 79 years among them five children and adolescents, the deceased mainly between 20 and 40 years. The paraphiliacs utilized a great range of devices and props as fetishism, sexual aids or pain-stimulating agents, like intimate feminine garments, ropes, chains, bondages, locks, pornographic magazines, condoms, rubber items, and chemical anaesthetics.

The cause of death was strangulation in 20 cases 17 x hanging, 3 x ligature strangulation , 11 x suffocation 8 x under plastic bags, 3 x with face-masks, 2 x thoracic compression, 1 x positional asphyxia, and 1 x cocaine intoxication. It is emphasized that the findings at the scene, the morphological and toxicological examination of the dead body full autopsy as prerequisite by experienced investigators and the personal history of the deceased have to be evaluated very carefully and intensely to reconstruct the accidental fatal autoerotic course accurately and undoubtedly to exclude the possibility of sexual homicide, neglected killing, or suicide.

From the psychoanalytic point of view, autoeroticism or automonosexualism represents deviant sexual behaviour paraphilia that seeks for sexual gratification by means of manipulations with the own body.

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Autoerotic and homoerotic manifestations in hospitalized male postlobomy patients

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. Vitale identifies as autosexual and autoromantic, which she defines as having a sexual and romantic attraction to herself. According to Dr. Jess , autosexuality is experienced differently from person to person.

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Though this particular practice of self-marriage might better be viewed as an extreme extension of selfcare, there is, in fact, an elusive sexual demographic that professes to experience legitimate sexual and romantic attraction to themselves. I first thought that autosexuality might have something to do with that thing where conventionally attractive white gays date their effective twins, but it turns out it covers those that experience sexual attraction to themselves.

There is, of course, a pretty significant overlap between those two groups, but there are still a fair few people that straggle in one or the other. New York-based Ghia Vitale, without a doubt the most prolific writer on this near-prohibitively niche subject, identifies as both autosexual and autoromantic, which is to say that as well as experiencing sexual attraction to her own body, she also experiences romantic desire towards herself as a fully-fledged person.

When I am a good lover to myself, I am, in turn, a good lover to everyone else in my life. Now would be a good moment to clear up a little technicality: sexual identification and relationship styles can and do exist exclusively of one other: just as there are monogamous non-binary folk and polyamorous straight girls, non-monogamous relationship practices remain as open an option to those who identify as autosexual as anyone else.

Only then did I begin seeing my relationship with myself as a viable and romantic love in its own right. Only then did I become emotionally free. So what does a date out with oneself look like? But was I on a date? Perhaps not, but were I to identify as autoromantic, I may well have been. From dancing in the mirror in your finery to a solo glass of biodynamic wine and a good read at P.

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Define autoerotic. autoerotic synonyms, autoerotic pronunciation, autoerotic translation, English dictionary definition of autoerotic. or au·to·e·rot·i·cism n. 1. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to.

Sixty patients of a total of show autoerotic or homoerotic manifestations five years after lobotomy. Two-thirds of the patients who show these manifestations after lobotomy have shown them before lobotomy. The remaining one-third do not constitute a real increase in such activity, but an apparent one, caused by masking of this behavior by the aggressive behavior of the patient before lobotomy and by lack of adequate observation.

Therefore, the writers feel that there are no new homoerotic or autoerotic manifestations brought out by lobotomy. Lobotomy, in the majority of cases, does not change the pattern of sexual behavior which existed prior to operation. The preoperative sexual pattern was masked in some patients, giving rise to the belief that lobotomy increases the autoerotic and homoerotic manifestations, but this belief was not borne out by the writers’ data.

It is the writers’ conviction that release of sexual inhibitions is not a predominant factor in the increase or decrease of postoperative homoerotic and autoerotic manifestations in hospitalized patients. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve.


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You can be autosexual and be bi, or gay, or lesbian. too much to the point where “I’m fucking hot” gets mixed up with “Everyone should date me” in their brain.

Why add to it the confusion of a meaningless term? Some autosexuals are also autoromantics which means they like the idea of dating themselves too. Finally, there are certain women who are turned on by themselves. Adjective denoting an intense sexual desire for oneself. Once, I was with an ex and we were having sex next to a big mirror. Like, they stare at themselves in the mirror and they think: Until such publication exists, giving us something that can be properly cited, that this is a condition or pathology or however one might describe this, the term remains nothing but an unscientific word describing, as has been concluded before, masturbation.

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